Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap :)

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy Easter Sunday yesterday.  I spent the weekend at Garrett’s (the boyfriend) parents.  When I got there on Friday night, we went to dinner and when I got back to my car, I found these pretty little flowers sitting the drivers seat of my car with a card from my Meme and Aunt Marcia.  Apparently they had gotten in touch with Garrett and wanted to surprise me with these flowers for Easter.  How sweet!!!  It's always hard to be so far away from my family, but especially around the Holidays, so this def. made my day.
On Sunday, we surprised Garrett’s folks by going to the early service at their church.  This was the first time I had been to their church.  It was just lovely and his parents were really glad we came.  I’ve wanted to go for a while so it was good to finally meet some of the people I hear Garrett’s mom talk about.  Later in the afternoon we took a drive into Huntsville, AL and went to a precious little place called Bennett Nurseries.  
I’ve never been to a nursery this big before.  It was absolutely beautiful and so pleasant.  There was a large selection of plants, displayed in a landscaped setting, much like a park.  It was a perfect day too (weather wise).  The sun was out, but not too hot and had a bit of a breeze.  Classical music played softly as we strolled around at our own pace. We could have sat our there for hours and listened to them. 
They also served Coca-Cola’s in glass bottles and ice cold water in case you got thirsty.  Yumm!
Here are some more pictures from the nursery that I found online….just to give you an idea of how pretty it was.
 After that we went home and Garrett’s mom put together a DELICIOUS Easter Dinner. 
Pork Roast, Asparagus, Mac&Cheese, Deviled Eggs, Potatoes and Carrots and yummy dinner rolls....oh, and the random green onion that his dad made me try.  I could seriously eat her Mac&Cheese every day of my life…it’s the best thing EVER!

Well, that wraps it up…I’m not going to pay for all of the food I ate this weekend, but hey, it was worth every single bite.  Do any of yall have good Easter stories?



  1. Sounds likes so much fun! Those flowers are all gorgeous and make me want to run right out and fill my apartment with them! Glad you had a great Easter! xoxo

  2. Wow, I want to go to that nursery-- a band and glass Coke bottles?? Yes please! Also, that's so sweet of your Meme and Aunt Marcia! I can't imagine Easter away from my family, but lucky for you, it sounds like you and Garrett's family are quite close!

  3. Thanks sweet girls!!! Yall are so sweet. Yes, I'm very close with Garrett's family....and cAc, you should totally go out and get flowers for your apt. It will def. be a great thing to come home to everyday. I hope you ladies had a great Easter too.