Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let the countdown begin!!!!

11 more days...and I'll be HERE:
THE BEACH!!!!!  Claudia and I are going on a "Mother/Daughter" trip to South Carolina the 1st week of August...and I cannot tell you how excited I am.  #1, this will be Claudia and her Momma's first time ever going to my home state of "Smiling Faces and Beautiful Places"...#2, I LOOOOVE showing off my awesome home State...and #3, I get to go to the beach.  Ahh!!!  I've been craving the beach all summer and getting REALLY's hard from having the beach 2 hours down the road to almost 9 hours down the road.  

We will be going to Charleston, Myrtle Beach and back to my hometown, Lugoff.  YAY!!!!  Let the countdown begin!



  1. have so much fun! we're off to the beach tomorrow! :)

  2. AH I'm going to Charleston soooo soon (sadly not the same time as you) and I CANNOT WAIT! It is definitely one of my top 2 cities in America!!! I'm so in love with it. Get yourself some SC croakies like mine while you're there! Can't wait to read all about it upon your return!

  3. So jealous! I have not been to the beach at all this summer and don't think I'll make it--you'll have to get some sand in your toes for me!