Friday, July 29, 2011

BFF Weekend 2011 In Nashville!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!  Gosh, I absolutely love Fridays…especially Fridays before vacations.  (Count down is only 3 days btw) But before I get all caught up with my week ahead, I want to share what all I did this past weekend…the BFF WEEKEND 2011!!!
My 2 best friends from home came up to visit me in Nashville. Jennifer (on left) and Mary Carolyn (middle).  It was so nice to show them my new city and have Claudia, my roomie, get to spend quality time together.  I love it when old friends and new friends come together and all get along. 

So here’s a recap of what all we did (I'll try not to be too long):

Friday night:
We went out “Honky Tonkin”.  This was Mary Carolyn’s first time experiencing this so it was pretty exciting.  

Garrett had to work all weekend so this was the only night he was able to come up and play with us.  This is what he did to keep himself occupied and entertained while us gals got ready. 
Finally we all got ready to go and of course, had to take a quick picture of the 3 of us. Claudia couldn’t come because she had to work.  Booooo!
aren't we precious?
isn't he handsome?
On the way downtown, G saw this American flag in my car and thought it would be a great idea to be a little patriotic...BUT he couldn't get the flag to stay in my window, so he just rolled down the window and held the flag himself.
...yes, we rode like this with him saying "GO AMERICA!" pretty much the whole way downtown.  Haha, you never know what ol' Garrett's gonna do or say next.

After that, we went to dinner and then went to some of our favorite Honky Tonks.  Needless to say, we had a great time!
This might have been my favorite day out of the weekend.  We got up, put on our bathing suits and layed out by the pool for a couple of hours.  After that, we came in and got ready, put a little picnic together and went out to Arrington Vineyards.  This place was absolutely beautiful.  It's a winery founded by Kix Brooks and is located 25 minutes south of Nashville among the beautiful hills of Arrington, Tennessee.  

They have free wine tasting and live music from 5-9pm on the weekends, so we took advantage of that and picked out our favorite wines, bought a bottle, had a little picnic outside and listed to music.  It was so nice and relaxing.

After that we went back to my place and just had a girls night.  Like I said before, it's so nice when you have old friends and news friends hangout and all get along.  There were a lot of old stories and new stories shared that night.  It was perfect. 

Sunday was a lazy day.  We lounged around the house all morning and then ended up going to lunch at this fabulous little place called Tavern.  It seriously has the BEST...I mean BEST, guacamole I've ever put in my mouth.  It's a fairly new restaurant in Nashville, so if you're ever in town, I'd HIGHLY recommend you going there.
After that we went down town and did the whole "touristy" thing.  We walked down Broadway to all of the little shops and had a blast.  We ended up getting ice cream at Mike's Ice Cream on Broadway.  I've been wanting to get me a scoop of their ice cream since I moved here so I was pretty excited when I did.  It was everything I'd hoped it would be.
That night we ate dinner at this delicious Mexican restaurant called Rose Peppers in East Nashville. 
At dinner we discovered that Mary Carolyn (I hate to even admit this), but she hadn't ever seen the movie Steel Magnolias.  (I know, my mouth dropped when she told me too).   So after we had stuffed our face all day, we decided we would just hang out that night and watch Steel Magnolias and called it a night.

Monday morning we got up and we to eat breakfast at the famous Pancake Pantry.   You can refer back to this post to read more about how awesome this place is.

After breakfast we rode out to downtown Franklin, which is south of Nashville. It is absolutely one of the sweetest authentic American town squares I've seen.  Every storefront is a little boutique or cafe or business.
I feel like all we did was eat the whole time they were here, but we found an adorable little restaurant called Puckett's that we just couldn't pass up.
I had heard great things about this place from multiple people so I thought we should try it out....and they were right...the food was delicious.  It was a perfect way to spend the afternoon right before they had to leave and go back. 

And that's about it....that was pretty much a recap of the whole weekend.  Although I hated to see them leave, I can't wait to make many more memories like this in the years to come.  


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  1. Lauren! That sounds like such the perfect weekend--y'all certainly know how to have fun! And goodness--never seeing Steel Magnolias!?! That should be a crime hehe!