Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Final Two Timeline

Who will it be????? Ben F. (right) or J.P. (left)
Welcome to the Final Two Timeline. If you don’t know who these 2 boys are, you will after you read this blog post.  These 2 handsome young fellas are the Bachelorette, Ashley Herbert’s final 2 left standing.  Next week we’ll see who she will choose to be engaged to.  This Sunday, the Men Tell All episode will come on and then Monday night will be the Final Rose Ceremony at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

I saw this online and thought I’d share with you.  If you need a recap or are following for the first time, here is a time line of each of their dates from the arrival at the mansion to the exotic dates in Fiji.  Enjoy!

Los Angeles, California - Ben F.

After stepping out of the limo, winemaker Ben F. brings a bottle with him to toast this new adventure.

Los Angeles, California - JP

J.P. took a much simpler approach when he arrived at the mansion. J.P. brought no props other than his smile.

Los Angeles, California - JP

J.P. lost in his first opportunity for a one-on-one date with Ashley. To his luck, J.P. lost it in a coin flip with Mickey. However during the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, J.P. steals Ashley away to flip a coin to get a kiss. His luck has changed as he scores a smooch.

Los Angeles, California - Ben F.

Ben F. joined others on a group date at the comedy club. The bachelors had to roast Ashley. While many decided to make fun of other guys in the house, William went right at Ashley. Ben F. took a lighter approach congratulating her on being 3rd runner up during Brad's season of The Bachelor.

Los Angeles, California - JP 

J.P. finally scores a date. His first date was a one-on-one date. The timing isn't the greatest, but he's excited to get some alone time with Ashley. They plop on some sweatpants to get comfy and cozy. J.P. understands that Ashley is exhausted, but assures her that she should not feel defeated. These words seem to sink in. Ashley promises J.P. that they'll have a really fun next date if he accepts her rose. He does and Ashley can take solace in the fact that J.P. is a much better kisser than Bentley.

Chiang Mai, Thailand - JP

Feeling Punchy
Constantine, Ames, Nick, Blake, Lucas, Ryan, J.P. and Mickey are picked for the group date which involves some Muay Thai Fighting. The men train hard and gear up to step into the ring...with each other! Blake manages to take down Lucas in the first bout. Mickey is a punching machine at the start of his fight, but it's the underdog, J.P., who wins in the end. Woohoo, go J.P.!!!

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Ben F. 

No Kissing Allowed
Wine guy Ben F scores the one-on-one date. He and Ashley stroll through the town hand-in-hand as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. They are in awe of an ancient temple. It's a sacred setting, so no smooching allowed. They settle for a mental kiss. They're hoping for the real thing at dinner.
Kissing Allowed
Thousands of flowers surround an outdoor setup for a romantic dinner. Ben tells the tale of how he got started in the winemaking biz. He also shares the loss he felt after his dad passed away. It was only about a year ago that he started taking down the emotional walls he'd built. He's ready to take some big steps, which is why Ashley gives him a rose and a kiss. 

Phuket, Thailand - Ben F. and JP 

Helping Hands
Ashley and her group date men (that would be Ben F, J.P., Blake, Mickey, West, Ben C, Nick, Lucas, William and Ryan) head over to the Baan San Fan Orphanage. This community was created to help the children who lost their parents in the tsunami that occurred a few years back. The gang will be painting the building, putting up soccer nets and making this the best place in can be for the kids. Woo hoo!

After their hard day at work, they head over to a bar on the beach and Ben F. is the first to steal Ashley away. Next, Ryan gets his alone time and tells her that he gets along with all the guys as they are all talking smack behind his back. J.P. then takes her away for a hot little make out session on the beach and the sparks fly.

Hong Kong - Ben F.

Ames, Ryan, Ben, Blake, Mickey and Constantine kick off the group date with some dragon boat racing. The boys divide into teams of two and recruit locals to join their squads. While Ryan, Blake, Ames and Mickey round up teams easily, Ben and Constantine aren't feeling the local love. Comes race time, Ames and Mickey go full steam ahead and are first across the finish line.

Hong Kong - JP

JP gets another go at a one-on-one date and the timing is ideal. Things are going well, but Ashley has a guilty conscious about Bentley's visit. Fearing that her honesty may get her into trouble, Ashley struggles to tell JP the truth. When it finally comes out, JP thanks her for the honesty and understands her need for closure. The date ends with love in the air. Whew!

Taiwan - Ben F.

Ben is next up for a date. With Ashley's arms wrapped tightly around his waist, they navigate the countryside via scooter together. Giggling and flirting with every twist in the curvy road, sparks are flying. Over a romantic dinner, Ben shares with Ashley the importance of true love. He doesn't take the "L-bomb" lightly. The two hold each other close while kissing the night away.

Taiwan - JP

J.P. went on a group date with Ames and Lucas. J.P. hopes it won't cause more jealousy, but he's in for an unfortunate surprise. The boys discover they'll be dressing up for wedding photographs with their potential bride-to-be. Lucas rocks a traditional Taiwanese costume, Ames looks spiffy in a sparkly costume, and lucky J.P. struts his stuff in a traditional tux. While Ames and Lucas make the most of their photo shoot, J.P.'s shoot flatlines. Is it too late in the date to recover?

Ashley and the guys try to enjoy dinner but tensions are high with a rose up for adoption. During quality time with Ashley, all of the men admit their hopes to continue on to hometown dates. Lucas assures her he's ready to get married. Ames shares photographs of his family and childhood, while J.P. admits he's been going crazy with jealousy. Ashley gives the last group date rose to J.P., as she knows all too well what it's like to be in his shoes. She reassures him that she's ready to see more. 

HOMETOWN DATE!!! Sonoma, California - Ben F.

Ben gives Ashley a tour of his winery in Sonoma, California. A quick taste test is followed by a some sweet kisses. Ben admits that he's only brought one woman home to meet his mother prior to this. He's also super-close to his sis, who lives in San Francisco. The one person Ashley won't get to meet is Ben's dad, who passed away. But he's pretty sure his father would have really liked her.

Ben's sister, Julia, has always been protective of him, so she's a bit skeptical when she first meets Ashley. But after chatting with her bro, she sees that he's in touch with his emotions for the first time in a long time. Ben admits to his mom that he wants what she had with his dad. He gets a little emotional during their chat. But at the end of the day, both Ben and his mom know that Dad would be proud of him.

Ben's very happy that he's starting to fall in love. It's hard to say goodbye to Ashley, who admits that she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him. Guess that means this particular hometown date was a huge success.

HOMETOWN DATE!!! Long Island, NY - JP

It's off to Long Island to meet JP and his family. First stop on the date is a trip to the roller rink. They haven't even finished lacing up the skates before they're share a smooch. Then it's time to turn on the disco ball and roll onto the floor. JP is the first to take a spill, but Ashley's there to give him a kiss to make it all better.

Ashley meets JP's mom, Eileen, his dad, Peter, his brother, Roy, and his bro's girlfriend, Andrea. The family is very protective. His mom thinks Ashley is terrific, but doesn't want to see her son get his heart broken. She's seen it happen before. Eileen wants to know if her son is in love and if he'll propose. All signs indicate that could happen.

Mom tells Ashley that she only wants her son to be happy. She talks openly about JP's past heartbreak. Ashley promises they have something special. Mom believes Ashley is beautiful both inside and out. Later, Mom breaks out a picture of JP from his bar mitzvah. He's sporting a sweet mullet. It's a fun ending to a perfect day. But JP still can't find the strength to say that he's in love with Ashley.

Fiji - Ben F.

Ashley and Ben jump aboard a beautiful yacht. Flirtation is alive and kicking as they rub each other down with sunscreen. They spend the rest of their time on the blue water holding hands while snorkeling. Words can't describe their chemistry, but they certainly have something special. Night falls and the couple heads to land for a candlelit dinner. They talk about their feelings for each other. Ben admits he's well on his way to love. The couple spends the rest of the evening in a romantic fantasy suite.

Fiji - JP

JP gets his date in Fiji. The couple takes a small plane to a private beach that's right out of a postcard. They spend the day wading in the water and getting some much needed alone time. Over dinner, JP tells Ashley that he's scared to admit his feelings while she's still dating other guys. That's when Ashley tells JP what happened with Constantine. He's surprised to learn that he's only one of two standing. On that positive note, Ashley whips out the fantasy suite invitation. Needless to say, JP happily accepts.

Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison sit-down and Ashley thinks Ben is the most compatible, whereas J.P, and her are more complimentary. Even though no one is being sent home, Ashley still wants to have a rose ceremony because “at this stage, people can have a change of heart.” She has “a whole new mission” going into this ceremony, meaning she wants herself to be the person waiting to see if they accept her rose.

Of course both of  them accept and that means we’re down to the final two. Next week on the season finale, there are more helicopters, kayaks, declarations of love, Ashley’s crazy tattooed sister, and of course the most essential component, tears. who's it gonna be ladies????  Which one do you think she's gonna choose????  I personally think J.P....or that's who I'm rooting for anyway.  What do you think?


  1. Oh gosh I do not partake in this at all and after these elaborate and amazing posts I feel so left out!

  2. I LOVE JP--he was my favorite from the first night, but I think Ben might be a better match for her!