Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moroccan Tile Picture Frame

Happy Hump Day Everyone!  Gosh, is it just me or has this week FLOWN by? 

Here’s my picture frame post I’ve been talking about in my other “crafty” posts this past week. 
I’ve wanted to paint a picture frame for quiet some time now for our kitchen counter.  Back in March, I came across this adorable website: Haymarket Designs.  They have so many cute things to choose from so I decided to try and make some of my own.  I got the idea from their Moroccan Tile design. 

What do you think?  I think it turned out pretty good for my first time trying it.  It wasn’t that hard either.  I just bought the frame for about $1 at Michael's and had black and white paint at my house. 

Here’s how I made it:
  • I painted the entire picture frame white and let it dry.
  • Made a stencil of the Moroccan Tie shape I wanted to use.
  • After making sure the picture frame was dry, I traced the stencil on the picture frame and then filled it in with black paint.  

  • I put a couple of black coats on it and WALAAH! 

You have an adorable picture frame for yourself…or for someone else.  You could also give these as gifts and add a bow to it or someone’s monogram, etc.  There’s SO many options you can do.

Hope yall are having a fantastic week.



  1. SUCH a good idea! I think I might try to do it in a yellow for my kitchen. :)

  2. This looks great! I want to try it with maybe a bright color and white for my bedroom.

  3. LG this looks amazing!!!!!!!! I thought that you were going to say that the frame was from a store! This is going on my craft list!

  4. Loving this! How did you make the stencil? Free Hand?

  5. I love your projects! I can tell I'm going to be getting a lot of ideas for my sorority little from your blog! Can't wait to read more.

  6.!! Lauren, it looks AMAZING!! I want one! Giveaway?? You could seriously sell these!

  7. Also, totally random, but I just noticed the "Upstairs 'Palace' girls" picture and am loving the dress you're wearing in it!

  8. Great job!! This is such a cute picture frame. I really wish I had more time & money to craft! I miss it.

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