Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monogrammed Apron for the Bride

Isn't this little Wifey all ready to start cooking in this kitchen?
I've been wanting to do this post now for a while, but I couldn't because I didn't want the bride to see it and give away what I got her for her wedding.

My sweet little sister, Kayla Farr (Kayla Bell now) in my sorority got married a couple of weekends ago on May 21st. (I'll do a post on her wedding when I get more pictures b/c it was absolutely GORGEOUS!)

Anyways...when thinking about what to get her for her wedding gift, I wanted to give her something that would be useful, yet meaningful to her at the same time. Since I recently learned how to sew, I thought I'd make her an apron with her new married monogram on it...a black, white and red apron to be exact, so it would match the colors in her kitchen.

I also found this Newlywed Cookbook to go along with the gift as well. 

Have any of you ever given this as a wedding gift before?



  1. Oh my goodness!!! How cute is that apron!


  2. That is adorable! I have wanted a little apron for so long now!!! And the monogram was a fantastic touch! Can't wait to see pics from the wedding

  3. I'm so impressed--this is the perfect gift! I love that you paired it With the Newlywed Cookbook and that you sewed the apron yourself! I gave one of my best friends a monogrammed apron a few years ago for her birthday!

  4. Oh my goodness, you sewed that yourself? It is so darn cute! And that is a great idea for a wedding gift!