Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It’s Officially Summer!!!

What makes me feel like summer is here is not necessarily today’s day (the first official day of summer) it’s the little things that summer represents.

It’s being able to sit outside at 8pm with the sun barely setting. It’s that one song that’s playing everywhere which will symbolize the summer for years to come. It’s going out for dinner and a drink to a restaurant with an outdoor patio.  Smelling the fresh cut grass, eating homemade ice cream, fresh watermelon, peaches, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers.  It’s going out on the boat at the lake, laying out by the pool, planning trips to the beach with family and friends.  

And then there are the memories of summers past. Going to Folly Beach every year with my family.  All of the “get togethers” we would have at my house growing up.  I lived on a huge pond so we would have family and friends come over for fish fries and cookouts all the time.  In the summer time, my house was the place to be.  If we weren’t swimming, we would be playing homerun derby or horseshoes in our back yard….then at night we would sometimes sing a little karaoke, listen to some beach music and do a little shagging (the SC state dance), or just sit out on the dock and watch fireflies.  Our house was always full of people and I absolutely loved it.  

What represents summer to you? What is your cherished summer memory?



  1. I just love Summer! I love what you said about the song that will represent this Summer for years to come. So true! When an old Summer song comes on the radio I go right down memory lane!

  2. My favorite summer memory is going to the lake every weekend, and building a campfire every night. I'm so glad you got to experience what my childhood summer was like last weekend, and I can't wait until August so I can see what South Carolina is all about!

  3. Summer is ALL about the pool and the beach for me. I remember living in our pool as children. We didn't even bother with swimsuits as little kids haha

  4. These are perfect!!! I love going out to eat and sitting outside and enjoying a nice summer cocktail!!!! Yay summer!!!!

  5. This post is absolute perfection! My favorite thing about summer is the simplicity of it--my life isn't nearly as exciting during the summertime but I love it that way!

  6. yes i love summer! my most memorable, is probably going on vaction.

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