Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Idea 2 --- I bet YOU didn't know.....

9 things about yourself that most people don't know.

  1. I'm allergic to horses -- isn't that weird?  Horses??
  2. I've never had the chicken pocks -- Don't worry, I took the shot.  My Grandmama never had them either so hopefully I'll be ok and NOT ever get them because I know they are really bad for adults.
  3. I hate reading out loud in front of people -- I have no idea why....Maybe it's because I'm scared I'll pronounce a word the wrong way or something....but I get extremely nervous.  Now talking is a totally different story.  I'll talk in front of people all day long.
  4. I have ADD sooooo bad -- I take medicine daily and have been since I was in the 3rd grade.  If I didn't, then I wouldn't have any friends...much less a big-girl job.  Haha, this is something that I'm trying to control though so there will be some days that I'll go without taking it...and I'll get half way through the day before someone says "Wow Lauren, you didn't take your medicine today did you?"
  5. I'm an actress! -- haha SIKE!!!  ...no, but seriously...I really have been in 2 movies though.  It was an ETV movie.  ETV is South Carolina's Educational television.  One was about trying to prevent drinking and driving (I played the part of a drunk girl that got into an car accident with her friends that were drinking and driving) and the other movie was about...well, shoot, I don't even remember.  I didn't play as big of a role in that one as I did in the first one.
  6. I'm the most indecisive person on the planet -- It takes a very special person to go shopping with me...haha, my friends will vouch for this.  I will stand in the isle FOREEEEVER trying to decide what kind of body wash to get, or what color hair dye to buy, or what layout I should choose for my blog page, or what to name my dog....OMG I seriously went back and forth with that decision and made a list of like, 25 names and then ranked them...ok, I promise I'm not weird...but naming a dog is a HUGE decision.  I mean, it sorta defines who you are.  GOD BLESS the person I end up marrying...try to decide the name of my children will be an absolute NIGHTMARE.
  7. I was in a karaoke league -- That's right...an actual league...I'm hardcore, j/k!  I have loved singing karaoke for a long time now.  I even own a karaoke machine and have over 2000 songs...yes, it's a little obsessive, but hey, it's been very entertaining and I have a lot of good memories singing my heart out on it.
  8. I "google" everything -- I'm the worst speller known to man so if I'm ever the slightest bit unsure how to spell something then I'll "google" it first.  There's no telling how many times I've used it already for just this particular blog post.  Haha!
  9. Are we really at 9 already??????  Dang!  Ok, one more...hummm....I wait until the very LAST minute to do everything! -- From getting ready for the day, to packing clothes for a trip, or paying bills, or RSVPing to something, etc.  With that being said, I do get everything done that I need to do...I just stress myself out along the way.  Who knows, maybe I like the rush I get from working under pressure and then the satisfaction when it's all done.  But anywho..that's what I do.  
Alright folks, there they are....9 things most people don't know about me.  :)  I'm sure you feel extremely privileged now for knowing all of this, so congratulations! Haha.


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