Friday, October 22, 2010

Idea 3 --My "Must Haves"

8 things you couldn't live without......
  1. Cell phone- It's a MUST that I stay in touch with people throughout the day.  Either emailing for work, texting with friends, tweeting or facebooking, looking up something on the internet, or talking to someone on the phone.
  2. GPS- Ok, anyone that knows me will agree with this...I am TERRIBLE when it comes to directions.  I won't even know what road or interstate I'm on...I'll just know how many miles I have to go until I need to turn right or left...wherever that little piece of devise tells me to turn.  I moved to Nashville about nine months ago and for the longest time I didn't even know what exit I lived off of...I just knew it was about eight miles from work because that's what my GPS would tell me.
  3. Chap Stick- I cannot go to sleep at night without putting this on.
  4. Lotion- I use this a lot throughout the day.  Once immediately after I get out of the shower and then every time I wash my hands.  I hate the feeling of dry hands after they've been washed.  UGH!!!
  5. Fan- This is only when I sleep.  It's the noise from it that I like because I can't go to sleep in complete silence.  I also enjoy the breeze I get from it as well.
  6. Fingernail clippers- I hate for my nails to be longer than my I cut them about once a week...if not twice.
  7. Pictures- I love pictures...and with being so far away from my family and friends, this is a must have.
  8. Shelby- I will explain later in Idea 10.
Well, there you go...that's the top 8 things that came to mind that I couldn't live without.   

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