Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Grilled Cheesus"

As I'm eating my lunch and taking a break from this ridiculously busy day at work, I came across an article about last night's Glee episode.  At the end of the article, I read something that just absolutely blew my mind and wanted to share:
It's worth noting the Glee cast just broke a long-held record by The Beatles. With this week’s debut of six songs by the cast from last week’s Britney Spears related episode, they become the most charting group artist on Billboards Hot 100 singles charts ending The Beatles long reign on that chart. (By the way, the highest charting song from last week’s episode is “Toxic” which debuts at # 14)  The Glee cast is still behind Elvis Presley and James Brown though. For that full story, head to Billboard here. And check out the list of the most charting artist below.

The Artists with the Most Hot 100 Chart Appearances of All Time.
1. Elvis Presley (108 Songs)
2. Ray Charles (91)
3. Glee Cast (75)
4. Ray Charles (74)
5. Aretha Franklin (73)
6. The Beatles (71)
7. Elton John (67)
8. Lil Wayne (64)
9. Stevie Wonder (63)
10. Jay Z (61)


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