Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Christmas Décor!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  Hope y’all are having a great week so far…and if any of you are taking exams/finals…I wish you all GOOD LUCK!  My fiancé and both of my roommates are in their 1st semester of law school so it’s been a little crazy and stressful around my house….I tend to stay out of their way and play on Pintrest on my down time.  I am loving all of the Holiday ideas and decoration from that site and just wanted to share some of my favorites that I’ve seen so far this year. 
Write something “Christmas-y” on a chalkboard and put it over the
 mantle…this could last all the way through February too!
Fabric Covered Poster Board Christmas tree cones.  Click here for instructions.
DIY ornaments…Styrofoam covered in glitter.  Much less expensive than the
big ornaments at the store.  Click here for instructions.
I love these…toothpicks in plastic spheres spray painted white and covered spray-on snow!
Acorn Cap Ball. Click here for instructions.
Christmas frame using wrapping paper.  Click here for instructions.
Dollar store fake fruit + glitter = these beauties you can use to decorate!
Marshmallow snow garland for a party décor!! Click here for instructions.
Wrap candles with holiday ribbon. Click here for instructions.
Painted pine cones.
Button tree! Click here for instructions.
Snowman out of wreaths!
Brilliant!  Ornaments hanging from dining room chandelier. Click here for instructions.
Clean pine cones on ribbon.  So simple, yet so pretty! Click here for instructions.
Snowman Tree
Easy Christmas table centerpieces….here’s an easy way to make these as topiary’s:  Click here
Hand Santa-tizer. Click here for instructions.
Woodland Labels. Click here for instructions.

Have any of you tried to do or make any of these things?  I can’t wait to be married and have a house one day so I can do some of these things.


  1. I think I might make hand Santa-tizer for my class!

    Love the posterboard fabric trees! And the pretty centerpieces. Christmas is definitely my fav!

  2. LOVE YOUR NEW BACKGROUND!!!!!! Why did I not think of a Christmasy background? Heehee I just want to do all of these things! I wish I had a mantle!

  3. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS POST! A few of my favorites are--the styrofoam ornaments, toothpick urchin-like things (ha!), and the glittery fruit!

  4. Wow! These are ALL fantastic. I am impressed!

  5. Great ideas and very my style. Love Love Love everything!!!

  6. What lovely seasonal Christmas decorations images - I love the little santa sanitizer and snowman Christmas tree - I may steal this idea for next year!

  7. thank you, for introducing me to the wide wide world of blogging. your blog however, will be the only blog, as you have captured the very essence of my southern dreams! What talent you have! Sincerely,

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