Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, my dear Lord….I’m absolutely in LOVE!!!

I just ran across the most adorable website ever.  It’s a preppy and fabulous shop called Marley Lilly.  I just adore her items…especially her latest, the monogrammed Derby hat and the monogrammed 6 Pack Tube Cooler.

It just so happens that I will be attending the Steeplechase in Nashville on May 14th…and I do believe this will be the perfect accessory to make my attire complete.   Summertime is just around the corner too and this would be awfully cute to wear by the pool or at the beach. 

What about these Croakies???  I don’t think I’ve ever seen monogrammed ones.   What a clever idea!  You can have them monogrammed w/ your initials OR sororities…I wish these would have been out when I was the Pledge Mom for my sorority…how ADORABLE would my little darlings have been?  And for us older folks with big girl jobs, they’d be perfect for a day out on the boat fishing, or beaching, or cruising….whenever!

Of course, it must be said… should take note of how many monograms you have on your body at one time!  Over monogramming yourself is not always a good thing and could be very tacky.

Ok, now on to one of my favorites…..just how awesome and precious is this 6 pack tube cooler?  I mean, my mouth DROPPED when I saw this.  It’s genius! Yes, please!

This website was such a treasure to find.  Not just for myself…but it gave me a lot of good ideas for gifts in the future….for birthdays, for weddings, etc.  (they actually have a section just for wedding parties ideas FYI)  Anyway, I just thought I’d share.  Here’s the website…hope you enjoy.


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