Thursday, February 16, 2012

St.Patty’s Day Crafts/Treats

Happy Thursday Bloggers!  I hope y'all are having a fabulous week.  I’ve been dying to “craft” lately, but with our wedding coming up (which is in almost 4 months btw! AHHH!) I’m trying to be REALLY good about saving money.  Which is SUPER hard for me….not the saving money part…but the no crafting part is…..I’m going craaaaazy. So I’ve had to go to the next best thing….PINTREST!  It’s def. kept me going because whenever I see something I want to make, I’ll just “repin” it for later when I have the funds to craft like I want to.  Haha.  

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve seen so far this year.  Hope you enjoy!
Button shamrock…..Create your own image in a frame with buttons.
Thrifty Hurricane Tutorial…I just love hurricanes….it’s so easy to add something in there to make it more festive. You could always use green now for St.Patty’s Day and then add in another color afterwards for Easter/Spring.
Create a wall-hanging of some sort to put on the mantle.
You could always decorate a canvas as well.
Paint wooden blocks to spell out something.  Apparently these are the backside of wood blocks that spelled LOVE for V.Day.  Add a ribbon to them and put them on a curtain rode. 
Lucky Printable: Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Print it, put it in a seasonal frame and add a ribbon shamrock…and you’ve got an adorable decoration.
St.Patrick’s Day Printable Posters.
St.Patty’s Rag Wreath. You know I love a good wreath now.
Here’s another Rag Wreath.  I think this one is adorable.
LOOOVE this lime wreath. You can always add another color to it after St.Patty’s day for the Spring/Easter.
Felt Shamrock Wreath. So cute!
NOW on to the treats….I just love these.
St.Patrick Party Favors…absolutely PERFECT if you are throwing a party or want to give a little gift to someone.
St.Patty’s Day Pretzels.
St.Patrick’s Popcorn.
St.Patty’s Cake Pops.
Aren't these adorable?  Which are your favorites???  What kind of things have you made?  I'd LOVE to hear.


  1. You are the crafting queen! I love that "LUCKY" banner on the mantel!

  2. I'm going to say it: I hate St Patricks day hahah! I will be avoiding all green crafts BUT please oh please do an Easter post for me! I get all my crafting ideas from you! AND FOUR MONTHS?!?!? I cannot WAIT to see pictures.. I know you'll be a beautiful bride! And I cannot wait to see everything you chose for the big day!!!

  3. I love it! I'm ready for St. Patty's to be here! I need to work on putting some green decor around the house Maybe I'll do some crafts like these :)

  4. These St. Patrick’s party favors are simply amazing. Loved door wreath. For my St. Patrick’s day had lovely arrangements that were simply great. Threw a party at Chicago event venues where all my family members were present and all friend were invited.

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