Monday, September 26, 2011

Football Party Recipes

It’s Fall (HOORAY!!!) and odds are most of us are/have been participating in, watching, or cheering on some kind of football team.  I don’t know about yall, but I grew up going to Clemson games every single Saturday if we played at home OR having a football party at our house if Clemson played away.  For many fans, a game is not a game unless a tailgate precedes it…either at home or on the back of a pick-up truck/SUV.  Since I live in Nashville now, it’s really hard for me to make a lot of Clemson games, so I’ve been attending my fiance’s alumni tailgates at MTSU.  This week is there homecoming and me and my roomie Claudia (another MTSU alum) are in charge of desserts.  I’m beyond excited about this….just the atmosphere of a tailgate puts me in the best mood.  Ahhh, love it!  So I began to start “googling” tailgate dessert ideas.  As you can see below, I sorta got a little side tracked because I saw all of these delicious recipes on the Southern Living website and just had to share.  Don’t they all look amazing?????  Now I want to host a tailgate at our place so I can make some of these.
 Slice tops from hearty round dinner rolls, and then let guests hollow out centers and spoon Super Quick Chili into them. Keep the chili warm in a slow cooker during the game.
Warm, creamy Baked Spinach-and-Artichoke Dip is always a big hit! This version has been lightened up.
Keep the secret to yourself, and guests will never guess that this tasty dish is actually good for them.

These meatballs are a football staple. Save yourself time by making them ahead. Place cooked
meatballs in a zip-top plastic freezer bag, and freeze up to 1 month. Thaw in refrigerator,
and cook, stirring occasionally, until thoroughly heated. Add this sweet-and-sour sauce on game day. 

You can save time by preparing the cheese dip up to a day ahead;
just cover and chill in an airtight container, and bake just before serving.

Be sure to serve these hot wings with plenty of cool beverages. Dip in Spicy Buffalo Sauce or Cool Ranch Dip.

Make the filling ahead of time to make these yummy spring rolls more friendly to your party preparation timeline.
It's southern tradition to have a little hot sauce with your turnip greens,
so be sure to offer guests several brands to choose from on the side.
Snip and arrange chives to garnish Spicy-Sweet Deviled Eggs. 
Smoked Cheddar and Gouda cheeses and sun-dried tomatoes provide a terrific twist on traditional pimiento. Spread on sourdough and dark wheat bread and cut into smaller sandwiches for easy pickup. Serve with grapes and apples.
Keep your game day party easy by making this tasty dip ahead of time.
Don’t they all look amazing?????  Which one is your favorite?  Ok…enough about this, I really do need to find cute dessert ideas for a tailgate…any suggestions???


  1. These all sound perfect! Especially for a game day! xoxo

  2. YAY YOU'RE BACK! I mean I know you were back but I'm just getting around to commenting hahaha I love the idea of a healthier artichoke dip! I love it but always feel soooo darn guilty! XOXO

  3. Preppy Wife Preppy Life and I made the snackadium you have pictured above! It was so fun to make.


  4. Why are you making me so hhungggggrrrrryyyyyyy right now with all this deliciousness? I want to eat (and make) all of this!

  5. I just came to ditto little miss southern love!!! Making the snackadium was soooooooooooo much fun! We are going to blog, quite possibly VLOG about it sooooooon! (: You have to post pictures of any of your creations!